• Start-up week reignites push for legal sports betting in Minnesota

    8 October 2018

    “This is not something that the Minnesota legislature is likely to jump into quickly, and any new law here would need the approval of our tribes…”

  • Say what? The five worst takes from the sports betting hearing in Congress

    28 September 2018

    “What happens when you mix underinformed legislators and ranting advocates with sports betting? You get Thursday’s hearing in Congress.”

  • Jeff Johnson: 2018 election guide

    21 September 2018

    “‘I’m open to legalizing sports betting in Minnesota as long as there are reasonable limits placed on the size of the bets.'”

  • Construction begins on new non-smoking addition at Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort

    14 September 2018

    “‘Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort will have the largest non-smoking gaming area in Minnesota.'”

  • Keith Ellison: 2018 election guide

    10 September 2018

    “Should Minnesota decide to move forward with any changes to sports betting, my priority will be to ensure a strong, responsible policy that protects Minnesota consumers.”

  • Running Aces gearing up for Night of Champions

    9 September 2018

    “Running Aces is getting set to close out the 2018 harness racing season with its annual Night of Champions program on Saturday, September 15.”

  • White Earth Nation cancels proposed Otter Tail County casino

    8 September 2018

    “‘Our Reservation is in need of anything but another casino.'”

  • Lobbyists, legislators consider Minnesota sports betting

    31 August 2018

    “Legislation didn’t gain much momentum in the 2018 legislative session, but there remains interest before elected officials return to the state capital in January. Proponents say betting could be a new revenue source for the state.”

  • Indian horse relay provides ‘exhilarating’ spectacle for riders, fans

    27 August 2018

    “More than a dozen top Indian horse relay teams from tribes across the country competed at Canterbury over the weekend…There was a packed grandstand with some 10,000 people on Saturday night at Canterbury to watch the races.”

  • Minnesota charitable gambling sales hit new high

    25 August 2018

    “While more money than ever was spent on pulltabs, bingo cards, and meat raffles last year, taxes and the cost of running gambling operations often eats up a significant share of gambling proceeds. In recent years only one of every four dollars of gambling revenue has made its way to the advertised charities.”

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